Kill la Kill Episode 14: Well, that was pretty fast

Wow...Ryuuko gathered the pieces of Senketsu back pretty quickly. And of course, there's conveniently one piece left out there. Let me guess. That piece is with Satsuki, right? That would just be super convenient. Anyway, this week was just the battle on all fronts with all of the other schools. Frankly, it wasn't all that interesting. The only part I thought was funny was the meat tank just because of how nonsensical it was.

Next week, I assume Senketsu will be revived. Since it looks like it will be happening in the middle of a tense battle, I'm guessing the pieces will magically be able to reassemble themselves. And then, Ryuuko will reach her final form. It's a bit early for a final fight, though. Then again, she still has to get through both Nui and Satsuki, so what do I know?

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