Golden Time Episode 14: The polygon mutates again

Well, the atmosphere tenses up at Mitsuo reveals that he's actually spending time with Linda. Ghost Banri hasn't said anything yet, but I'm sure he can't be happy about that. Of course, I still haven't discounted the very likely possibility that Mitsuo will also be friend-zoned by Linda, but that isn't all that important right now.

Anyway, it's time for obligatory beach episode next week. I guess you could call it team bonding? It's too bad Linda couldn't go along...that would have made things immensely complicated. I dunno how to feel about all of this. On the one hand, New Banri is a jerk for messing with both Kouko and Linda's feelings, but on the other least he's not acting all lovey-dovey with Kouko anymore. I suppose I can live with that. Anyway, will Ghost Banri make his move next week?

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