Hamatora Episode 2: Did we just meet the last boss?

Well, I guess that explains the attacks on Minimum Holders that Art mentioned last week. It looks like someone is killing them to take their brains and use them to create artificial Minimum Holders. I suppose that will be the main story for this show. I feel like that sounds familiar for some reason. Also, doesn't Nice's power seem a bit too strong? By the way he teleported to the school store to try and buy food, it looks like he move pretty quick (presumably at the speed of sound based on his power).

Other than that, it looks like the Hamatora group will reach that guy by completing tasks like this week. I'm not really opposed to this sort of mystery-solving style of episode. Depending on what kind of mysteries/tasks they're doing, though, each episode could kinda go either way. We'll just have to see.

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