Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta Episode 2: So that's Kal-el's secret it turns out Kal-el is actually a former prince. More importantly, the mystery L-Elf guy (or Ignacio if you prefer) seems to know who he is. I wonder if he's keeping watch to protect him or something? How appropriate that he would be paired with Kal-el's sister. Anyway, it looks like everyone has indicated their future relations and the major characters have been introduced except for Ignacio.

I guess next week will mark Ignacio's recruitment into the main cast? I'm hoping they do, so they can actually get into the story as opposed to this introductory stuff. As they pointed out in the first lesson, the floating island has a lot of defenses for some reason, so surely something is going to attack them. That should make things interesting.

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