Mahou Sensou First Impressions: Creating magicians left and right

So this show's apparently got a magician war setup, with the main character Nanase Takeshi and his friends unwittingly thrown in through the appearance of Aiba Mui, a magician trying to save her brainwashed brother. There's quite a lot that doesn't make sense here, though. For example, what exactly are the details of this "magicians can't harm other magicians in the Living World" rule?

I'm assuming that Mui got off safe because she didn't actually hit the other guy and Takeshi is fine because he was using a sword. But then, is Takeshi ever in danger? If his magic is only used to dodge things, does that mean he would never be able to harm another magician with it? Seems a bit flimsy to me. And as for the other girl in the attackers squad, why was she knocked out when she attacked Takeshi's friend? He shouldn't have become a magician yet, so there shouldn't have been an effect. But there's no other reason for her to just pass out. Also, what exactly caused each person's power to manifest as it did?

I'm a little sad about the opening song. It sounded like it could be good, but the music seemed so quiet in comparison to vocals that it was almost like it wasn't even there, which was pretty disappointing. It's very possible that it was just because of the encoding of the video I was watching, as the sound effects in the show seemed excessively loud. The ending song was pretty good, but that was to be expected. Anyway, I guess the next episode features the three new magicians being enrolled into the magician academy or something?

I'm a bit on the fence about covering this one. There's a lot of questions I still have, but I fear the consequences. Are you starting to see why I dislike magic so much? Just look at all of these questions I have. There may not even be a rational consistency to hold them together, which is absurdly annoying.

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