Noragami Episode 2: New character joins the team

It looks like Yato finally got another weapon he can use in the form of Yukine. It looks like the Regalia (or Sacred Treasure...figure yourselves out, translators) are all pretty rebellious people. It probably has something to do with how Yato first gave Yukine his form. It was almost like he found a random spirit and forced him to help. I'd be pissed too. Especially with a god like Yato, Yukine will basically have to join him in his homelessness. It looks like Yukine has a troubled past anyway, so he'll probably be alright.

Anyway, now that Yato finally has a Regalia, Hiyori can be a lot more annoying about her request to him to return to normal. Now that she knows that her life is in danger when in spirit form, I'm sure she won't let Yato have a free moment. From the preview, it looks like next week might be more on Yukine or something? Maybe he'll become more willing to help Yato out?

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