Log Horizon Episode 15: Time for war

It looks like the monsters have begun their attack. Is this the war that will carry us to the end of the series? Also, it looks like Rudy isn't who he says he is. Is he an AI? If so, how did he know about the sandwiches he was talking about with Isuzu? Another possibility is that he's simply playing the fool and he has something to do with Elder Tale. Maybe he's a game developer? That one may be a stretch, but it would explain why he could block a friend request. The most obvious guess is that he's one of the People of the Land, but I thought Lenessia was supposed to be our token AI. It would also explain the dog analogy.

Anyway, the power of friendship managed to get through the dungeon, but now the demi-humans are attacking. Looks like next week, the newbies will start the fight against the invaders. Surely, they'll be able to handle them with their new power of friendship upgrade, right? Then again, there's that one scene in the opening where Isuzu is holding a fallen Rudy. Wonder what's up with that.

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