Kill la Kill Episode 13: Now what?

Well, Senketsu was destroyed in a very anti-climactic manner. That's kinda disappointing. Even if this is a temporary death, you'd think it would be a little bit more dramatic than that. I mean, we even had a break with no episodes and we come back to this? You could at least cliffhanger Senketsu's destruction before the break to mess with everyone. Honestly, before the last five minutes or so in this episode, I was pretty bored. Not really fun watching Satsuki prepare for war and Ryuuko mope around.

Well, I suppose this is a typical progression. Now, Ryuuko will be able to go through a "rebirth" of sorts and gain her final form. Presumably there will be a dramatic moment where the pieces of Senketsu gather together and form around Ryuuko because that's who he truly belongs with? Something like that? I guess next week is the start of the training or acceptance of herself or whatever comes next.

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