Nisekoi First Impressions: Please spare me

So yeah...this series. It follows Ichijo Raku and Kirisaki Chitoge, both children of mob bosses who are currently at war. In order to stop the violence, they have to pretend to be lovers. Of course, this is made complicated by the fact that Raku actually has a crush on Onodera Kosaki, a girl in his class, as well as having made a promise with a girl he no longer remembers ten years in the past to marry her. Can you sense where this is going? When I first read the manga, I figured it was a simple love triangle...let's just say it's little bit more complicated than that.

The style of the show is very clearly Shaft. The close ups on head turns/tilts makes that very obvious. Opening song is one by Claris, a band I once liked, but have since come to dislike. I guess I got bored. Hard for me to judge whether I should cover this series or not simply because I've read so far ahead in the manga that I won't be getting much for speculation. The only real question I can ask while watching this is whether or not they'll decide to create their own ending to the story, which so far is doubtful.

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