Mikakunin de Shinkoukei First Impressions: Today is forced relationship day

From forced mafia relationship to arranged marriage. Our happy couple, Yonomori Kobeni and Mitsumine Hakuya are even living together. They are joined by their siblings, the proud loli Mashiro and the closet pervert Benio. Not all that much to see in this first episode. It's your basic introduction of characters. Evidence of romance is bubbling around, but really not enough for comment.

Not sure if the song at the end is ending or opening song, but...meh, it's not terrible. Sounds like the type of song that would get really old really fast, though. That aside, our main character Kobeni apparently has convenient childhood amnesia, though I'm not entirely sure why. Usually you want to hide something, but what would you hide? Did the two actually promise to marry each other as kids? That would go well with the other show in the theme of today, I guess. Anyway, I don't see all that much happening with this show, so it's not very likely that I'll continue posting about it.

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