Golden Time Episode 13: Well, that was awkward, Banri

After much break, we're back with the second half of this show. It looks like this half will feature the Ghost Banri declaring war on New Banri. It looks like both Banris realize that they can't really co-exist, so they're both fighting for control. If Ghost Banri can really influence the events happening around the New Banri, it seems as though he's at quite a large advantage, though. New Banri can barely perceive him.

Anyway, new season brings new opening and ending music. The opening song was pretty jarring to me. I feel like the music was overpowering and didn't do enough for trying to take so much control. It might have just been the encoding I was listening to, but it made for a very awkward experience. The ending isn't as bad, I guess. So are we supposed to conclude from the preview that Kouko ends up canceling her family vacation to stay with Banri? What suffering will Ghost Banri bring this time? Also, that awkward kiss rejection will have ramifications, right?

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