Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai Ren First Impressions: So...they're living together now

Well, this show is back for a second season. Pretty much the same as last season with the exception that Rikka and Yuuta are going out and apparently living together. I guess the relationship with Rikka doesn't stop Yuuta from hitting her. How abusive. Shinka seems to be trying to change her appearance to further escape her past, but opening and ending would suggest that this doesn't last long. I suppose another surprising thing is that Yuuta and Shinka join the illusionary battle against Touka. I'd say it's all in Rikka's head, but the brief flash to reality suggests that Yuuta really did join in.

Anyway, opening song is in similar style to the first season. Ending song is different, and I would probably say it's worse than the first season. I'm assuming the new person who moved into the apartment Rikka used to inhabit is the new chuuni character that everyone's been talking about. Presumably she will be introduced next episode or soon. Still doesn't really look like much to cover in this show, so I'll have to decide whether to keep posting about it.

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