Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta First Impressions: So...airplanes, I guess

Well, that kid fell in love pretty quickly. A light start to this story so far. Apparently, it follows Kal-el Albus as he joins some sort of pilot school with his sister. It seems like he has some sort of personal vendetta that needs addressing, but I wonder just how much that will factor into the story. The brief flashes of rage from Kal-el seemed almost jarring in this first episode. I wasn't entirely sure how to react to them. I guess they wanted to hint at the drama that was to come?

Music for this show was a bit iffy. The opening song definitely rubbed me the wrong way, but the ending song seemed alright. It looks like next week, we'll be introduced to that L-Elf character who's been lurking in the shadows this whole episode. He seems like a nice enough guy, right? He seems to be the last member of the main cast, so everyone should be assembled next week.

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