Noragami First Impressions: Not a bad way to start

First show of the new season is here. First up, we have the story of the aspiring god, Yato. He is pushed out of the path of a bus by a girl named Iki Hiyori, who is subsequently turned into a half-ayakashi, half-human as a result. And now, she has to put her faith in the "legendary" god Yato to return to a normal condition. I'm hoping this one turns out well...seems alright so far. Man, these characters have some silly interactions.

The opening song for the show is okay, but the ending song is better despite being a less catchy song. We're through the first episode and our intrepid god is still unable to fight properly due to lack of a weapon. However, it looks as though there is still a third main character missing who will presumably be the "Sacred Treasure" he needs. It looks like he might be gaining that weapon next week based on the preview. One thing I have to wonder based on what I've seen so far, though. What exactly will Hiyori be doing? She's shown herself to have some sort of capability in a fight, but how much can she do with just the knowledge of an MMA fan?

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