Log Horizon Episode 14: Well, that didn't tell us all that much

Well, I was hoping to learn a bit more than that from this mystery mage. I guess he made the situation slightly more dire, which sets a direction for this show. I guess the memory loss thing would be hard to spot because you can't really notice things you don't remember having. But we still don't know what caused the third World Fraction. Also, the first and second World Fractions "created" new beings. Is trapping the adventurers really the only thing the third World Fraction did? And is the caster of the third World Fraction supposed to be our final boss?

Anyway, I guess next week the focus finally shifts back to the newbies. It looks like Minori has decided to step up and everyone will learn to act together as a team. Also, are there some hints at romance between Rudy and Isuzu I'm supposed to be spotting here? Seem like a bit of a random thing to have in a show like this. Incoming "power of friendship" next week.

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