Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai OVA: And then they kiss?

Well, I have no posts for today and I found this one lying around. This OVA's been out for a while (don't go searching for a new one), but I guess I kept it around for a moment like this. It's actually kinda relevant because the second season is starting up this season. Anyway, after dancing around each other for so long...Sanae and Shinka show their feelings for each other. I guess Yuuta and Rikka are too pure for that. They only get the hand-holding. Not too much stuff really happens in this OVA, to be honest. Just more of the show for people who enjoyed it. For someone like me, all I was really curious about was the state of the cast after Yuuta and Rikka started going out.

You could hardly call anything in it a development (we knew all along that Sanae and Shinka were like that). They've successfully re-established the status quo for the second season that's supposed to be coming up. Rikka's pretty much back to normal. She's just got more of the love feelings now. So theoretically, the second season will be a bunch of awkward love moments, but they can still make her as crazy as she was before. And theoretically, Yuuta will hit her less...right?

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