Little Busters Refrain Final Episode: That was convenient fire timing

So everyone was still alive in the bus after all. I have a slight problem with that, but it can probably be argued away with "they were protecting Riki and Rin by telling them to go on without them". Well, that ending basically went as expected. Conveniently, a fire bursts out around the bus and burns everything but the pool of gas sitting next to the fuel tank. Sigh...

Well, Refrain was noticeably less filler than the original series was, which I'd say is pretty nice. I will say that the one thing I didn't expect about the ending was that Kyousuke would continue being the focal point of the Little Busters group. I would have expected at least some of that to shift to Riki/Rin. I assume the point was to show that things were back to normal. But I wonder what it says about the long-term effects of Riki's character development.

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