Valvrave the Liberator Final Episode (24)

Well, there wasn't all that much we didn't expect in this final episode. There had been hints all along that the entire story was something Rukino was telling to the younger version of L-Elf. Also, given the memories that Haruto was losing, there was no way he would survive. And even if he did, I would have assumed he would be the one telling the story, not Rukino.

The real question is what happened to L-Elf? If he had a kid, he must still be a key member of the society, but what is he doing now? It looked like Shouko became the pilot of Unit 1 in Haruto's place. Is L-Elf still a tactical officer or has he chosen to pilot some new Valvrave? That's a bit cruel of the ending to make you ask questions like that, but it was better than most of the other ones I've seen so far. All in all, a decent Gundam-esque show.

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