Kill la Kill Episode 12: Well, that escalated quickly

I'm not entirely sure who to suspect anymore. Satsuki seems like too convenient of an enemy to me. First we find out that Nui was the one who actually killed Ryuuko's father, but Satsuki still claims to have been the mastermind behind it all. The seed of doubt is rampaging within me. Also, the fact that the teacher said something to the effect of the three girls being beyond the level of humans when they fight has been bugging me.

It suggests that either the show becomes a battle royale between those three or some sort of dream team of the three against an even greater foe. Anyway, it looks like some new character next week. The last scene paints a pretty sinister look on him, so I'm guessing this is someone from the western academy that Satsuki is trying to squelch?

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