Unbreakable Machine Doll Final Episode: Wasn't there supposed to be a competition going on?

Sigh...an expected ending that doesn't resolve anything. In fact, it causes more problems than it solves. It hints that the death of Raishin's family and home were an accident caused by his brother trying to create a Machine Doll. Also, it hints that Shouko is using Raishin to accomplish a similar goal. I guess every magic-based show has to have that "Holy Grail" that every magician is trying to reach.

Also, the butler runs away just as Yaya powers up and attack him, so it seemed a lot like Yaya was just showing off at that final part. Oh well, I shouldn't be too disappointed. At least I don't have to deal with Yaya anymore, right? I feel so bad for Loki...trapped in the next bed having to deal with this stuff all the time.

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