Galilei Donna Final Episode: So it was planned all along

Ehh...I have a few problems with this ending. First off, I still hold that traveling to the past and meeting Galileo was fairly useless as all it did was lead to a seventh sketch that wasn't really linked to the Tesoro anyway. Also, Roberto killing the CEO at the end was kinda random and probably excessive. And, of course, because of the way they handled the time travel, Hozuki ended up going to the past to give Galileo details about the goldfish mecha that she would eventually use herself to create it in the first place, creating an annoying time paradox.

I was okay with the mother's use of amnesia to trick the company, though. I was also sort of okay with Cicinho's actions in the end because they didn't really change anything. I'm curious about Anna's final scene, though. I guess she was being arrested for being affiliated with Roberto or something? Whatever...not a bad show, but probably not a show I'll remember for much.

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