Log Horizon Episode 12: Crusty's making a move

Well, stuff in Eastal seems to be progressing along slowly. And here I was hoping for more excitement around the halfway point of the show. The training camp is also going basically as you would expect. The new character has introduced himself and proven that he's not completely useless. I'm surprised they're only fighting skeletons, though. Those seem like the kinds of monsters you fight in your first dungeon, probably around level 5. They don't really seem fit for a level 20+ party.

Anyway, Minori has to prove herself useful next week, I guess. Is Shiroe trying to make her like him? That seems a bit troubling. Also, it looks like Crusty is trying to get in nice with the princess. Upon closer examination of the opening, it's looking like he'll recruit her to the side of the adventurers. Looks like she might even join in the battles. Then she'll tell us all of the secrets of the People of the Land, right? I really want to know about the growing artificial intelligence that decided to trap humanity and take over the world.

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