Kyoukai no Kanata Final Episode - Yeah, that was to be expected...

I don't know why I hold out and believe that somehow there will be an ending that's not some completely perfect happy ending. I'm really annoyed that Mirai disappears and then returns to life in some nonsensical fashion. There's literally no explanation for her sudden reappearance. Also, it's revealed that Izumi also harbors a youmu, but there really is no meaning to that. Those are my main problems with this ending.

That being said, I did like that a majority of this final episode was spent in some sort of action. Also, I liked the fact that Akihito wasn't completely useless and was able to use his youmu hand to fight to some extent. Well, it's over, I guess. On to the next one. I'm really annoyed that the last 2 minutes of the show were basically put there only to satisfy the fans.

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