Unbreakable Machine Doll Episode 11: Apparently Machine Doll and Automaton are different things

Well, getting Charl to rejoin the party was fairly easy. I guess she's over her rebellious phase now. Too bad she's been relatively ineffective in this fight so far. I really hope this fight with the butler isn't some sort of distraction so someone else can kidnap Henri. That would cause a frustrating hostage scenario for the last battle, which would be upsetting. Here's hoping there isn't enough time left in the series for that.

Everyone's getting beaten by this super butler so far. I suppose Yaya's being the best automaton doesn't mean much if what you're facing isn't an automaton. Anyway, I wonder how they'll end up beating him. Maybe more help from Loki and Frey? Or Raishin will show some special moves?

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