Log Horizon Episode 11: The obligatory beach episode

I guess it's time for politics. I still don't see how the People of the Land are going to be able to fight the adventurers, but apparently they're a pretty big deal. The only thing I could think of is that maybe the People of the Land destroy the Cathedral and the series devolves into SAO. I guess they don't have to kill the adventurers...maybe if they were to trap many of the stronger ones. But then what's stopping them from killing themselves and re-spawning at the Cathedral? Sigh...the People of the Land may need a pretty good strategist of their own.

Training camp continues next week. Looks like Minori and Touya have a chance to befriend this new guy and make him join Log Horizon. I assume the whole "you're going in alone" thing is important because they would probably be unable to try again if they were to die in the dungeon because the nearest Cathedral would be too far away? Also, I hope we find out what the People of the Land are plotting next week at the banquet. Either that or I have to keep speculating for a few weeks about cat overlords.

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