Valvrave the Liberator Episode 22: He's back! A-Drei let Rukino go free. And Haruto and L-Elf are bros again! Now they can team up and fight against both ARUS and Dorssia. Also, I'm sure Shouko is more accepting of Haruto now, so maybe they can be let back on the team? Or maybe she now blames herself for what happened to Haruto and will take it as her responsibility to deal with him. That works for me too...

Now the only thing left is for Haruto to get some sort of upgraded suit. Maybe something that doesn't drain his runes too quickly? Unless, of course, he's not intended to survive in the end. I mean, he's never shown in the scenes of the future...only Rukino. Also, the child that looks like L-Elf, but no L-Elf. Based on that, it looks more like both Haruto and L-Elf die, but not before L-Elf has some fling with Rukino.

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