Little Busters Refrain Episode 10: Flashbacks!

So there was a bus accident that killed everyone and Kyousuke somehow turned time back to make Riki someone who would be able to handle the tragedy without him? And conveniently, his powers are starting to wane and he's run out of time despite being able to repeat certain events over and over again until Riki got them right.

Well, I guess is could be argued that "the power of friendship" granted his wish to help Riki, so his powers would naturally disappear when Riki no longer needed it. That means he succeeded, right? This is why I hate wish-granting magic. I guess next week is when we find out. Now, will time revert to the aftermath of the accident to see how Riki and Rin handle it? Or will time go back once again so that Riki and Rin can save everyone?

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