Log Horizon Episode 10: Oh my gosh, guys! Nyanta's making curry!

Do we finally have our enemy? It was the NPCs who trapped them in the game all along? Is it the legendary AI revolt? Speculation aside, I'm really curious about Shiroe's thought processes. I don't understand what could have happened to him in the past that would make him so hesitant to invite Minori and Tohya into Log Horizon. Is it as simple as fear of the consequences of his leadership?

Also, it looks like we had a brief glance at one of the future Log Horizon members. Looks like he's only level 20, so he'll probably show up to this "new player training camp" that Shiroe was advertising in the preview. That's probably his ticket into the guild. Also, it looks like the People of the Land have decided to make their move next week. Will they declare war after inviting the players to Eastal?

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