Strike the Blood Episode 9: The next enemy appears

Wait...don't tell me the next one for the an angel? Hey Kojou, have some limits, won't you? At any rate, I would guess that this Kanon character will become a future ally. They kinda danced around the idea that she's an angel, though. Also, that operating table and those shining lines on her were weird. Maybe she's an artificial angel? Yaze said the girl he found had some demonic elements put in her or something.

Anyway, next week will be the first fight against the angel, I guess. My advice is just to kill her. I already counted out six girls last week...we don't need anyone else mucking up the numbers. Sigh...if only it were so easy. Also, is Kojou going to end up telling Asagi about himself? He's been given the green light, after all.

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