Golden Time Episode 7: She's so clingy...

Watching those two just warms your freaking heart (I'm not shivering...). Well, it shouldn't be so unexpected that Kouko's...tendencies would end up becoming like this now that they're focused on Banri. However, I suppose I can take solace knowing this can't last for too long. I mean, they wouldn't keep those two acting like that around each other for the rest of the series, right? I mean...think of 2D-kun! How will he survive?

Not sure what Kouko meant at the end of the episode about Mitsuo being in trouble. She has a tendency to inflate the truth regarding him. She's still pretty focused on trolling him after all. Also, now that Linda finally explained everything to Banri, the love polygon is going to start taking effect, right? Ghost Banri will switch places with Amnesia Banri for 24 hours and bring on the drama? Speaking of which, where was that guy this week?

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