Log Horizon Episode 6: It's time to start a war

Apparently, making a guild is kind of a big deal. Oh well...at least the name of the show finally has meaning. So Shiroe has decided he wants to save those two newbies...that was to be expected. But if he's deciding to challenge the guild that farms experience potions, then he's going to antagonize a lot of higher-level guilds.

Exactly how long is this battle against Hamelin going to take? Is it going to be a couple of episodes to drive them out and then the next arc to deal with the aftermath? Or will it be more difficult than expected? My guess is that he will face Hamelin and that one particular Black Sword Knights guild will oppose him. Then Log Horizon soundly trounces them and Hamelin flees in fear. But I guess we'll see. Next week, the plan will commence.

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