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Golden Time Episode 6: Banri broke...

Yo...what's going on with this release? Why is the sound balance so terrible? It made the episode so much harder to watch. looks like Linda really does blame herself for Banri's accident. The question now is whether she really is responsible for it. But all of that aside, it looks like Banri and Kouko became a couple somehow? Banri was much more assertive about getting Kouko to accept his confession than I expected...I wonder if that outburst will cost him later.

As stated before, confessions can only happen this early if conflict arises. And what better source of conflict than a love polygon? You know it has to happen soon. Also, is Ghost Banri going to get the opportunity to affect the physicial world or is he just there to play back the past Banri's memories for us? If so, that's super boring...

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