Galilei Donna Episode 3: Quite the outburst...

So much crying and whining...I thought Hozuki was supposed to be the child. I'm assuming Hazuki is mature enough not to freak out in this situation and Hozuki is too distracted with technical issues, leaving Kazuki to be the one who can't accept their situation. I was thinking she might get over it and take control of weapon systems or something.

Anyway, they got their first clue about the Galileo Tesoro business. I'm not entirely sure why Hozuki seems to hold all of the keys right now. I would assume that in a show like this, there would be some equal contributions or something. Seems like the show is a bit slow to get moving? As long as they don't do anything lame like "Kazuki betrays them and then finds out it's useless and turns around blah blah".

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