Kill la Kill Episode 3: Well...that was...

Yeah...she has to fight as though she's nude. Makes total sense. I don't even have words to react to that. This show tempts me too much with the soundtrack of Hiroyuki Sawano (Guilty Crown and Shingeki no Kyojin's soundtrack composer). As I said before, if Satsuki has so much access to life fibers, why not just feed them to her Junketsu? And if you say something about "the honor of the fight", why even wear Junketsu in the first place?

I'm not entirely sure what Satsuki's intention is. She's asking Ryuuko to fight the entire student body, which would let her absorb basically every life fiber. Wouldn't that just make her too strong? Sounds like one of those "come back to me when you've become stronger", then "oh no, you've become too strong and I can't beat you" endings to me. Oh well...fighting everyone should be fun, right?

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