Log Horizon Episode 3: Made it through the first dungeon

I'm not entirely sure what this episode was supposed to accomplish. Maybe Shiroe's gradual acceptance of the world's current state...maybe just building background for him. But whatever...they cleared a dungeon. Also, we're briefly introduced to the gang that's controlling Susukino. Why exactly is the leader after Serara specifically, though? Is it because she got away? That simple?

Looks like Shiroe has some PKs to fight again next week. The maid (why is that even an available job?) and the cat-dude will probably join the party. This episode really seemed to want to emphasize "appreciating the beauty of a game". I really hope that's not what they're trying to push across...I understand that a lot of people are very grind-focused, but I don't think any less of them than people who "take their time with games to appreciate them".

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