Golden Time Episode 3: One of us...One of us...

Oh just can't catch a break, can you? So...not exactly the fun and romantic class trip I was expecting. I thought that religious cults were all about secrecy and trying to make sure that only the select few join them, as opposed to running around abducting people in the hopes that one of them sticks. Also, I guess I was write to think that the "I'm lonely" stuff Kouko was doing last week was intentional...though maybe not as intentional as she says.

The gears are in motion...the love is building. That sort of thing. They escaped from hell together...that's bonding, right? So, now that that's done, can we go back to trolling Mitsuo? I'm still curious what she'll do. Or maybe she was too moved by Banri's self-sacrificing behavior (which I assume stems from his sense of "lack of identity").

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