Unbreakable Machine Doll Episode 2: Cannibal Candy strikes

Yup...Yaya's still nuts. Honestly, I'd have to say Sigmund is probably my favorite character so far. He's always calmly supporting from the side. The scene where he's struggling with Yaya's tears while trying to talk with her was probably my favorite one this week. He kinda makes up for how insane Yaya is in my eyes.

I'm not sold on the vocals yet, but musically, the ending song is great. It might take a while for the voicing to grow on me, but I'm sold otherwise. I'm starting to believe more in my "best music of the season" tag from last week. But that aside, next week more Cannibal Candy. This week's episode was more plot-building...I kinda wanna see more fights. I'm still wondering about that double battle scene from the first episode. I need more data.

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