Valvrave the Liberator Episode 13: Back with more outer space vampirism

So after a break, this show is back with the second half. When we left off, the enemy commander Cain had taken control of a seemingly defective Valvrave unit to fight against Haruto. But that battle ended quickly. More interesting is just how much Haruto is connected to the Valvrave units...but only him. Do the other units share the spirit that's in Haruto's unit? But only he can interact with it because his unit is the original?

Sigh...I dunno why, but I have a soft spot for T.M. Revolution. I can't help but like the opening song. Anyway, it looks like the Dorssians might be starting to mass-produce Valvrave units...or at least units like Valvrave, but inferior (he did call them "children"). it supposed to be like what Haruto and the others have? The other colored units are children of Haruto's unit?

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