Galilei Donna First Impressions: I have high hopes for floating goldfish AI-san

What did I just watch? Anyone else find this episode random? My interpretation is simply that these three sisters that are descendants of Galileo Galilei are being targeted for some sort of inheritance Galileo left behind. Usually these things aren't simply about money, so I'm guessing the inheritance has something to do with this goldfish airship that the youngest member, Hozuki, built. I guess Hozuki is supposed to be some sort of mechanical genius? It looked like she had an entire workshop of gadgets.

I really like the opening song up to a certain point, which disappoints me. I have no feelings for the ending song. So with their home destroyed and everything, it looks like the girls will start to travel around in this goldfish airship. But what will they be doing? I guess they can search for whoever is targeting them and find out exactly why. If that's the case, though, what exactly are the other two sisters for? What do they contribute? We don't really get much about Kazuki...and as for Hazuki, I guess she's knowledgeable about laws, but not much else is known.

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