Tokyo Ravens First Impressions: Trolled by Hokuto

So another show where I've read the manga. Though, this manga hasn't gotten too far. Basically, this story follows Tsuchimikado Harutora, who is a member of a branch of a powerful onmyoji family, but only desires a normal life because he can't see spirits. But he's a member of a powerful clan, so life's not going to make it easy for him. We see it here in this first episode. The first enemy Dairenji Suzuka mistakes him for the heir to the family, Natsume. Anyway, his peaceful life won't last long.

I'm rather fond of this opening song. The ending song isn't much, but I can get behind the opening song. Anyway, I imagine this series will pass the manga translation pretty quickly, so I won't be "in the know" for too much longer. Plus, tensions are already flaring. She kissed him! Gasp! Yeah...I can't pretend to care about that.

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