Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 2: Are we sure Akihito isn't secretly a spirit hunter?

You know, I was getting the impression that Mirai actually had some skill, but was just too much of a novice to use it properly. Don't get me wrong, she's still a novice. But that dreamshade she beat wasn't worth much, so I've lost faith in her fighting ability once again. Akihito also proved himself fairly useless in the fight. I guess it's too early for him to be taking mortal wounds to protect Mirai, right? That comes later, I guess. I mean, he knows stuff, but who wouldn't aim for the eye when everything else is bandage?

Hmm...sounds like a big fight against a powerful dreamshade is coming soon. I wonder if...Hollow Shadow...Walpurgis, it couldn't be. Plus, it sounds like that will be an earlier fight, not the last boss. Mirai's trying real hard to push Akihito away. Wonder how long that will last. She claims to have killed someone, but in these situations, that's usually caused either because she couldn't help it or she didn't fully understand the situation. It probably has something to do with her blood...the fact that dreamshades are getting more aggressive probably indicates that her blood is attracting them. That's usually how this goes, right?

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