Nagi no Asukara First Impressions: people?

Well, this show looks like a recipe for some serious drama. Basically, it's about a group of kids who live in the ocean who have to attend school on land. But it looks like basically every main character is in love with someone who has eyes for someone else. Chisaki loves Hikari, who loves Manaka, who is falling for Tsumugu. It looks like Kaname cares for Chisaki too, but it's not as concrete.

Both opening and ending songs are pretty light songs. They both sound alright. I'd have to say the ending song is better, though, to me. It's an odd setup, this show. I would say I hope they don't overplay the "Ena" thing. It looks like staying on the surface too long causes the Ena to break, after which they can't return to the sea. Looks like this show is the standard type of "break the boundaries of different types of people" thing. Probably not enough happening to talk about, to be honest.

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