Kill la Kill First Impressions: I swear that uniform is trolling us

Another hyped show for this season. Basically, we have a battle setup where our main character Matoi Ryuuko has to work her way up the ladder in this school to face the student council president Kiryuin Satsuki and find out who murdered her father. This show really doesn't take itself seriously, which shouldn't surprise me considering the fact that everyone has been comparing it to Gurren Lagann up to now. Initially, I had assumed that Ryuuko would act as some sort of random unknown factor, an overpowered student who would just keep beating people until she reached the top.

But it looks like she was pretty weak. Now she has a uniform which lets her fight on par with many of the more powerful students in the school, but it looks like it can consume the power of the uniforms it defeats. This is likely how she'll have to work her way up. I don't know whether the song at the end is the opening song or the ending song...either way, I don't really like it. But anyway, based on the preview, it actually looks like the crazy appearance Ryuuko took in the battle in this episode was actually some sort of "battle form" for the looks like it takes a more normal appearance when in standby. That's slightly comforting. Haven't decided whether I'm going to pick this one up...depends on the rest of the shows this season.

  • Mai

    Oct. 24, 2013, 9:26 a.m.

    Ya, I would have to agree. I have only seen the first episode so far and I wasn't really impressed.

    True its from the people who worked on TTGL/PSG and such but they also did Inferno cop... and that was horri-a-bad. (Yup, horri-a-bad, its a new word to describe how bad it was.)

    Overall I can't see the series coming even close to being as good as TTGL.

    Nice review Marth.


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