Kyoukai no Kanata First Impressions: I greet people by stabbing them too

So this show seemed pretty hyped up coming into the fall season. Basic story: Akihito Kanbara is an immortal half-human, half-youmu who meets a spirit hunter Mirai Kuriyama who can manipulate her own blood. Going into this, I got the impression that Akihito would be the newbie, but he actually seems to be the more knowledgeable of the two. It's a pleasant surprise. If he didn't know anything, I feel like he'd be a pretty useless character. I mean...what does an immortal character even do other than take a few random killing blows to chest?

The opening song is nothing really special. It isn't the type of song that jumps out at me. The ending song sounds better. This first episode was a good introduction to the series, but doesn't give all that much for direction. My assumption is that Akihito will try to help Mirai grow as a spirit hunter to prove herself, while maintaining a relationship to make her feel more like she is living a "normal" life. Next week looks to introduce more characters as Akihito tries to rope Mirai into his Literature Club.

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