Shingeki no Kyojin Final Episode: Mission...success?

So in the very end, Eren couldn't throw away his humanity. I guess he has a long way left to go. That's mostly why this last episode basically begs for a second season. Given all the hype this show has, I'm actually surprised it hasn't been scheduled yet. To qualify that, I'm not saying Eren has to toss away his humanity to "end the show", I'm saying that a true resolution can't come unless he either embraces the monster within or finds a way to use his compassion to change the world (this being the more likely and cheesy of endings).

I'm still disappointed about the basement, but I guess we still don't know a lot about this show, so what can we do? Still curious about whether there's an organization behind it all and what their motives may be. Do I invest time into the manga or wait for a possible second season?

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