Danganronpa Episode 8: Time for the next one lol

So they finally bring out a locked-room murder. A classic mystery. Based on the circumstances, I would guess that Sakura had a role to play in her own death (because she died with a smile on her face as though she intended it). While Togami and Genocider are the most obviously suspicious, I find it hard to pin the murder on them. Same with Hagakure. Naegi has his usual alibi, leaving Kirigiri and Asahina. Asahina has a strange attachment to Sakura, making her the least obviously suspicious, which in turn makes me suspect her. Kirigiri...I dunno how to deal with her. I'm still hesitant to suspect her.

Vomiting blood suggests poison, right? Maybe it has something to do with those bottles. Poison would also explain the powder on her foot if someone poisoned the drink. She also received a blow to the head, explaining the broken bottle. But what does the upside down magazine mean? As it stands, my current suspects are Asahina, Monokuma (we still don't know to what extent he'd intervene), and Sakura herself. I suspect one more than the rest, but I'll leave that up to your own speculation.

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