Rozen Maiden (2013) Episode 8

So the day of the play is finally here. Is it coming close to the final battle? Or is older Jun's world about to come to the end of its role? Shinku seems to be having fun on her last day. It's almost like she planned to be put in the play...but that couldn't be, right?

Anyway, it looks like Kirakishou may be showing up next week or something. Suigintou definitely seems to be looking forward to her arrival. I guess the whole "tricking older Jun" thing was just so she could enter this other world...not sure why she needed him to make a doll for that when Suigintou managed to get there fine. Also, I can't help feeling like the scene where Saitou was practicing lines by herself was out-of-place somehow...does that mean it was significant?

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