Danganronpa Episode 3: So I was right to suspect Maizono

How convenient that Naegi says he'll bear Leon's death and Maizono's death...he doesn't even care about that other girl that died. Anyway, looks like the simple culprit was the right one. But I must have missed the notepad that showed that Maizono was trying something sinister...or was it even shown? Either way, I'm used to dying messages being faked, but I guess the culprit was all laid out for us this time.

Anyway, I hope I've gotten a sense for this show, so I can conclude better in the proceeding mysteries. We'll see...it's a pretty weird show. I still don't understand one thing, though...Naegi made it sound like everyone else would die if the trial picked the wrong culprit. Do they really have to get every single one right?

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