Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 2: Wait...she's real?

Wait...are they confirming Ai as a gravekeeper? That's so...easy...it's almost hard to believe. I mean, Hampnie made that concession that she must be some sort of hybrid, but I never expected her to be validated so easily. We had a random introduction of Yuri Dmitriyevich as well...apparently, he's out to kill the immortal Hampnie. He's gone now, but I suppose he'll have a recurring role based on how he appears in the ending.

I'm not exactly sure what the trajectory of this show is going to be. Is Ai just going to follow Hampnie around the world as he searches for Hana? He's so obviously evil that he has to be a good person. He made himself sound like he was a synthetic human, but his memories make him look genuine. Anyway, looks like some new enemies next week...should be fun. Aren't gods great?

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