Hyperdimension Neptunia First Impressions: So this is kinda different...first, we conquer Noire?

Game adaptations are always fun, right? What if I told you that you were watching an anime that's adapted from a game...about games? So far it looks like this story is separate from the original game...it might actually take place after the game ends. I've only played the start of the game, so I'm just guessing...but I haven't seen Histoire take a humanoid form yet and I think the goddesses forming a friendship is how the game ends. I don't know anything about the second game's story, so it could possibly take place after that too...Nepgear and all the sisters are here after all (why does Nepgear look like the older sister).

The game's story was a war between the four goddesses. It looks like the anime will feature the four banding together to fight some new threat using some substance that can knock them out of HDD form. A bit of character overload in this introductory episode. Though it looks like the first few episodes will focus on introducing the goddesses...this one focused on Noire. Next one will presumably focus on Blanc because it's about Lowee. I'm not sure why they don't adapt the game's story...I'm getting really disturbing flashbacks of Shining Hearts. Not a huge fan of the opening theme...but I was okay with the insert song. I couldn't hear the ending song too well...at least I think it was the ending theme.

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